MOIHA COVID-19 Statement

by Jon Hilke


As we all know from the media reports, the local authorities have placed a ban on all events that are more than 50 people.  Our events fall below this mark if managed properly and spectators enjoy the games while respecting the social distancing approach.  We want you to know we are viewing all possibilities as the situation evolves almost hourly.  Since all the local citizens that have tested positive for the virus were due to traveling abroad, we view the events within the league as low risk for transmittal.  With this said, we are continuing to work on contingency plans to provide a competitive season for the kids in 2020.  Below are some of the approaches that are being explored –

  • Extending the season as we have more than enough time in May to schedule additional games.  This would only be necessary if we pause the season and pick up after April 1.
  • Compress the season and provide a full regular season but compressed playoff schedule. 
  • Continue as scheduled and monitor the ongoing developments around area.

All of these approaches are being considered while balancing the desire of teams wanting to continue due to the sheer fact that schools have closed, and kids have very little to do each day.  Additionally, we are balancing some of the private schools that have been notified club sports are also off limits.  Bottom line, we have many options that can be implemented but the schedule will have to be modified if the current plan is altered.  This will mean some players that play Junior High and High School will have conflicts and coaches will need to be added as we will not have any luxury of working around conflicts.  The only promise we can make if schedules change and season is extended will be avoiding graduations.  If your graduation dates change, please notify Jon Hilke immediately so we can work with the most up to date information.

Please stay tuned to our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as changes are announced.  If we postpone any of the upcoming games, we will notify the league immediately.

Thank you,

Michael Bell